We are an innovative company in the field of Training, Outdoor, Team Building, and Events. Through the quality of our services, training of human resources, and facilities, we aim to offer an excellent final product to all our customers. We carry out activities anywhere in the country, we have a range of options in the most beautiful hills and lands of Portugal.

Our mission is to provide enriching and fun learning experiences and long-lasting memories and results.

As such, factors such as quality, creativity, and safety are brought together in all our services:

Quality: in all the stages of the relationship with our customers, from the briefing on the actions to be taken, the participants’ profile, to the submission of appropriate solutions for their goals.

Creativity: the constant search for solutions that aim to surprise the participants, seeking to make a difference in the details.

Security: the use of solutions and materials that offer security is a guaranty for participants and the success of the activities.


Our team includes several facilitators with specialized training, a range of skills, and extensive experience in the field. We have a “great team”, too great for all the resumés that appear on this site. But we want you to get to know us all and prove that a good team is a company’s greatest asset.

MapaZero Team

What is Team Building?

The essence of the concept of Team Building is intrinsically linked to the development of team spirit through various activities, usually “outdoors”. They are an important “tool” that is able to strengthen and develop the knowledge and cohesion among members of an organization.

Why is it important?

The possibility of diagnosing behavioural and functional performance problems in teams, developing individual and group action plans. Making interpersonal relationships between team members more spontaneous and authentic, allowing for the giving and receiving of feedback. Increasing the emotional intelligence of the team of professionals so as to identify their strengths and weaknesses and align their performance as a group.

What do we do?

We take a personalized and employee-centred approach, stimulating the promotion, integration, and development of key skills, such as communication, decision-making, leadership, time management, resources, and change, which contribute to the permanent consolidation of your team.


Through our methods, we provide an unforgettable experience, in order to establish lasting changes and reflections in organizations, transferring the experience of our games and activities to the daily professional practice. We are pleased to participate in the training of happy, well-prepared teams which are the foundation for the continued success of your organization.

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