Team Building

M´Go Trivial Quiz

Innovation, achievements, challenges, new modes and ways to play in the era of Industry 4.0! It’s time to test your team’s knowledge. Take a chance and enjoy this game that will fill your team with culture and laughter. We will meet with you to determine the focus, the subject, and the level of challenge for the activity. Some possibilities are fitness testing, physical challenges, and customized puzzles, in order to achieve the desired result, for example, increasing their knowledge of a certain product or creating a playful interaction activity.

Guinness World Records

In this program associated with the control of emotions and “nerves of steel”, resilience, communication, and strategy are the key to achieving the ultimate goal. We must be as quick as lightning and as precise as Swiss watches! Teams must overcome the challenges that are part of the Team Building activities and games to beat the record of each game. This test is divided into three key moments such as the planning, implementation, and periods of debriefing. In addition to the records, we will also score the team spirit of each team.

One-minute Win

Inspired by a TV show, it’s full of excitement and thrilling activities, as the team competes in several bizarre challenges in 60 seconds. For each challenge presented, the teams get together and decide on the most suitable member to accomplish the task. The challenges are fun and inclusive, and the format allows everyone to be encouraged to participate, even if they don’t feel comfortable with a leading role. The countdown increases the pressure and boosts the fun! They have 60 seconds to perform the most unlikely of challenges and beat the clock, their real main opponent. Will they be able to overcome these setbacks in a minute?

Cluedu APP

Ever wondered how you could be the centre of all the action in your own crime drama?

Do you have what it takes to be a Sherlock Holmes? It’s time to test your detective skills! The Cluedo App is a brand-new mystery-solving “crimes in real life” adventure game. Using our M’GO Team App, your team sets off to discover the city, investigate virtual witnesses, and eliminate suspects in true Cluedo style.

What are you waiting for? Get your team together and unravel the mystery!

We Love To Cook

Join your employees around the kitchen! We give aprons, bandanas, the ingredients, and the chef … Then we add a dash of authentic flavours such as a team, “grease” with a generous number of tips and team-building activities and “sprinkle” with a jury to your liking. Let it “simmer” on a low heat and at the end, you will have a beautiful and invigorated work team ready to “embrace” any challenge with wisdom. This is our recipe that improves leadership and builds motivated teams. The rest is up to your team! Create delicious dishes worthy of making any Master Chef jealous. Fun is our main ingredient.

Challenge Adventure

Challenge Adventure determines the symbiosis between the purest outdoor environment and team-building requirements. Classical orientation variables and/or GPS work together with fun challenges in a quest for maximum performance. Have an adventure in a team on an unforgettable day, where the main goal is simple: to bring people together through fun and the building of long-lasting bonds. In this challenge, fun and adrenaline go hand in hand and the teams are taken to a strategic limit. A more complicated obstacle? A riskier stake? The splitting up of a team in search of the best performance? The effort to improve teamwork should be part of the company’s culture. Developing a constant strategy of team building is an effective and fun way to improve the performance of work teams, regardless of their size. That’s the motivation behind everything we do!

Tropa D'elite

FORMATION! Attention Recruits!

Prepared to take a risk and leave the comfort zone? In this bootcamp, priorities require the organization and discipline of the military regime and the fun of an outdoor game! A mission that demands a lot of commitment, dedication and, above all, patience! The strategy, the camaraderie, the physical and mental training are the skills to be developed in this team-building activity. Work hard, play hard … The motto of this challenge is: One for all and all for US”.

M'go Team

This time only technological resources can help us to solve the issues of real life! The proposal is based on a dynamic and technological orientation game to discover the city, based on iPad devices, which will allow participants to have a one-of-a-kind experience. In this game, all decisions have an immediate answer/consequence, because the score is always in real time. The goal is simple: get to the end with the highest number of points! To reach the goal, participants must overcome many challenges, some come up in certain locations on the equipment itself. The waypoints and destination are unknown and must be uncovered using the information and clues provided.

Peddy Papper

Navigate the historical city centres of Portugal, discover the solutions to the challenges and marvel at the surprises you’ll find! This program allows you to visit the most picturesque sites in a relaxed ambience, through the streets and alleys, getting to know the traditions of our country. Discover the culture and monuments, and even enjoy tastings of local gastronomy. This activity promises an explosion of flavours!!! Let your team be delighted! …. In each tasting, teams will revel in regional products while being subjected to a challenge that they must overcome.

Buggy & 4x4 routes

Feel the pleasure of driving a buggy with an automatic gearbox. A drive with a lot of emotion leads us to the goal of this activity. Explore the different tracks and types of terrain and release your spirit of adventure at the wheel of a buggy! Cultural and historical routes or just admiring Nature! … You decide. If you prefer only to find the best routes and viewpoints to get the best shot, we have prepared a ride in 4 × 4 cars for you! Fresh air and sunshine are essential ingredients to enhance positive emotions and motivation and, at the same time, help to reduce anxiety levels.

Formula kart race

On your marks, get set, GO! Speed up in this incredible game where the goal will not always be just passing the chequered flag. The secret of a great organization is an alignment between the drivers and the pit crew who will overcome this healthy clash at “high” speed and maximum safety together. It may be as an endurance race in “24 Hours of Le Mans” teams. In Formula 1, despite the spotlights focusing on the drivers, the team is a complex structure and must be very well-aligned, with their eyes on the goal so as to have the best performance and overcome all the obstacles in the race.

Aqua Sports

Polynesian and Peruvian people were the first to start diving into this wave that is here to stay. The sea or the river are waiting for us and we must be radical on the board to remain standing! Challenges and motivation, combined with the beauty of the crystal blue and green Nature which abounds in our one-of-a-kind country: Portugal! WooHoo! Choose how you want to move in the water: surfing, canoeing, wake boarding, rafting, or stand up paddle surfing. Pre-prepared outdoor activities, in the inspiring and one-of-a-kind Nature that our country boasts, with strong emotional content and effective communication, which translates into greater motivation and satisfaction of the work teams. We prepare the best water experience for your team.

Games Without Borders

Inspired by the “golden oldie” TV show of the 80s. We begin by dividing the group into two tribes! Each tribe then creates an equivalent number of subgroups. The action starts with a warm-up, where each “tribe” is identified with the battle cry and characterization. Each team competes against opposing teams in a circuit of challenges, and all points earned contribute to the overall result of your own tribe. The strategy is the key to success. It is important to choose the right person for each job, know the right time to be on the bench cheering for your tribe and get back to “the field” with maximum strength.

Are you ready?

Attention … Pre … Piiiiiiiiiiii!

Multisports – Olympic Day

REACH YOUR GOAL FASTER. DO NOT WAIT FOR PENALTIES …! … BE DIFFERENT … Not all games are really Olympic, but all are themed, fun, and some are even unexpected! In this program, we have different and fun group dynamics that encourage or develop different behavioural skills: group identity, spirit of cooperation, communication, trust, leadership, or others. This is a special moment to celebrate the values of sport where excellence, respect, and friendship inspire us for life. On this day, all employees reach the “minimum” to get to the big competition, so invite them to come on this fun day where the main theme is the practical experience of sports and/or activities, in a pleasant ambience; they can enjoy a cheerful alternative to day-to-day work tasks. Beach games, Stand Up Paddle Surfing, Rugby, Tennis, Field Hockey, Golf, Endurance Tests, Water Polo, Horse Riding, Sailing, Boccia, Fitness, and more.

Big Wall Arts

Get all your employees together and create a masterpiece that Immortalizes your “DNA” and UNION, materialized in a genuine work of art which stimulates the development of your employees’ creativity and imagination. Allow your teams to create ideas with potential and turn them into actions. This is a fun experience with lots of learning. The fact that each painting is tailored and personalized, created just for you and your team, makes the experience even more valuable. Revive your teams’ curiosity and imagination and observe how they approach the challenge and solve problems creatively. This activity results in the group creating a mural, made up of several pieces resulting from the combination of all the work. At the end, join the various canvasses to form the mural!

Advertising Spot

Take your people to the world of advertising and challenge them to create and produce a television ad. From the designing of a new brand/product to the creation of corporate videos that aim to emphasize the message of a meeting or even reinforce your company’s mission and values. The teams need to demonstrate both their creativity and their powers of persuasion to impact the mainstream media industry. The whole environment created carries each character to a certain time of the company, walking sketch in sketch, up to today.

Pop Star

Your employees reinvent their own versions of the music videos that left a mark on an era in national and international music. Writing, producing, and especially premiering is the purpose of this lively and musical activity! Lyrics memorized, the wardrobe, makeup, props, the whole scene is ready to embody your band and your favourite singer! Creativity and time management are critical factors for teams to reach this hilarious result and develop the skills to work towards the best resolution within challenging timeframes. We can adopt the true concept of “Best Corporate Show” and “Best Corporate Band”.

Beat On Street

Guided by percussionists who are worthy of your employees, this combination of music and rhythm is ideal for the show that is about to begin. The unusual instruments (garbage trash cans, bottles, plastic containers, cans …) that are already part of our daily lives, here debut with the musical purpose and suitability of these materials that, many times, are no longer useful. We reinvigorate our attention and ability to interact with the environment, preserving it forever for future generations, taking this genuine performance to the street along with this message.

Human logo

Believing that individuality is one of the greatest assets people can have, we consider that respecting your employees’ individual differences is pivotal, certain that it is by the sum and complement of these differences that a successful company can form and maintain winning teams, with a genuine collective sense!

The strengthening of these VALUES and SENSE OF BELONGING is reinforced in this activity, because the final image is only designed after the bringing together of the whole team.

Photo Logo

Similar to the previous activity, this is an exercise which consists of building a picture in experimental mosaic, with the help of everyone who is a part of your organization, your employees. Visualization can be optimized in larger and printed formats. Many working together are all-powerful and when everyone helps, nothing is too hard! Through unique tools, participants will decorate an album until they have reached a common idea. Start snapping!

Clean beach

The social responsibility activities for businesses are customized; they guarantee the deepening of motivation among employees, away from the daily work stress, managing, in an informal environment, to strengthen team spirit and increase the social responsibility of each and every one! Earth is our HOME. This team-building activity, focused on the trash on our beaches, helps reduce our carbon footprint. We can customize many activities in our green box. Reach out and spread environmental awareness.

Portugal Without Fire

Bring your team’s efforts together and help those in need in an unforgettable social team-building activity. We prepare all the logistics and organizational part needed to implement your Social and Environmental Responsibility activity, involving the work teams in different tasks! Create a green link within your teams, help them collaborate and learn about ways to generate a greener planet. The world is not ours; it is on loan for future generations. We need to ensure that we leave it greener than we found it.

Eco-treasure hunt

Ecological treasure hunt, with real results. It is a collaborative and committed activity based on employee engagement, which reinforces messages about conservation and sustainability. Finding clues, unlocking codes, and successfully carrying out the different tasks and reducing our ecological footprint are the goals.

The teams win points by completing all the tasks and challenges successfully, and these points can then be converted into euros and transformed into a company’s contribution to a sustainability project and/or NGOs.

Fun Factory

Take HAPPINESS to those who don’t have much with the Mapa Zero toy factory. Let’s make them smile. The goal is to master the different parts of a bicycle, in order to later build it. The more points you earn, the more extras you can get. Here, the team that first finishes building it believes that they will win the challenge, but in fact, it will be the children who win with this activity. At the end of the activity, the children from the institution will receive the bicycles as a gift.

At the end, they receive a short video, with images of the teams, the workers, and the moment of delivery, to post on social networks and inspire similar actions from others.

Team Internships

After carrying out a thorough survey regarding the tastes, interests, and needs of the group, we design, plan, and prepare a menu which is suitable for the skills that are to be “cooked”. Put your team in our hands! We add a pinch of energy, “greased” with a generous amount of dynamic team building, team spirit, and “sprinkled” with the location to your liking. Let it “simmer” outdoors on low heat and at the end of the internship you will have an awesome and invigorated work team ready to “tackle” any challenge with tenacity. This is our recipe for taking both the talent of teams and organizations higher, helping to improve strong leaders and teams. Challenge your team to another championship.

Outdoor Expedition

In the city or in Nature, we set off for discovery. 3,2,1, go! Do you want to have a truly unforgettable experience? Mapa Zero is founded on the respect for and love of Nature. It organizes expeditions for one or more days which can be on foot, or by bike, buggy, motorbikes, or canoes, always in quest of new and stunning locations to ensure that the trip is one-of-a-kind. We provide specialized guides, as well as all the necessary logistics, from the marking of paths, all the material needed to practice the various modalities, accommodation, transfers, and also food. We are proud to have organized races and sustainable trekking events since 2004. If you want to book a day to walk, as a team, in Nature or organize a race dedicated to your business, in the city or in the mountains, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Behavioural training

How can companies improve the structure of their teams while maintaining its members highly motivated? We have indoor and outdoor solutions to achieve this purpose. The Mapa Zero team consists of consultants and facilitators specialized in Coaching, Leadership, NLP, and Mindfulness that can help your company overcome some problems and challenges which they face during their day-to-day work. The desired sense of “belonging”, awakening minds, stimulating critical thinking and creativity, are all possible through personal development and hard work as a team, always focused on the happiness of employees. At the end of each program, we carry out a set of activities and dynamics that support the consolidation of learning, and a thorough assessment of your team’s performance and valuable information that can help you achieve your goals is also given.

Lectures and Training

Team Building programs that create empathy and unite people also boost their ambition to do more and even better, and this factor is crucial for the success of any company! The most important elements in any organization are the people who give it life. In Mapa Zero, we are not only and just a training company, or one that creates team building programs. We are, and aim to continue to be, a company that sees in these two solutions the efficient response to the challenges of the organizational world. Discover the range of resources and possibilities that we have to offer you to meet any challenge.

We Grow Together In Change

Do you want to develop your team’s full potential? We help you get the most out of your team. In small or large groups, they will be faced with an issue and learn how to solve the challenges together. With us, you can achieve these goals in realistic and practical scenarios in which you feel comfortable.


Designed to promote the best in people in a natural outdoor environment by placing them in a new and challenging setting. In this adventure, the teams will be able to do something that comes naturally to them on a daily basis, but because of the context and the needs, it will be more difficult to overcome. So, the teams will have to “fight” to build a strong enough shelter and find material to make a fire and cook their own food. We are talking about something so simple, but that will make a difference in your team! Working together or as a championship, these Team Building challenges will take your team out of its comfort zone and help work on core soft skills for the individual development of your employees and of the entire group.

Hands On

In these challenges, participants build objects such as miniature cities, bridges, towers, among others, with the materials provided by our team. The teams begin with a set of plans, limited time, and a specific number of resources, and they must decide on roles and responsibilities. Overcoming this building challenge with your team has surprising results. Teams are divided into groups to accomplish specific tasks, such as repairing or assembling parts. A team returns to complete the assembly and then enjoys a creative period for the decoration. To successfully complete the process, teams must efficiently implement their project-planning skills with assertive communication, effective delegation of tasks, time and resource management. Throughout the process, teams must skilfully apply their project planning skills, with assertive communication, effective task delegation, time and resource management, using precision and quality control to ensure efficiency and a good result.

Chain reaction

In this activity, the main goal is to challenge the creativity and innovation of companies. Are you ready? Teams expertly create a series of devices, which when put together and aligned with other departments and teams, become an elaborate chain reaction. Do you remember your childhood, when you would spend hours building castles with dominoes? Go back to the past, this time the whole team being responsible for the construction of a project that depends on everyone’s cooperation! Each employee is a single part of your organization and should remain standing until the sound of the whistle! The teams have detailed information that will help define and plan their devices. They must also share information and resources with other teams so that the whole group is aligned in the strategy defined for the creation of the chain reaction. Collaboration between teams is mandatory for success, because it allows for the sharing of knowledge and resources and goes beyond the boundaries of creativity.

Making the Bridge

Several teams, the same goal! In this incredible activity, each team will be responsible for a section of the bridge. The motto of this event is: MAKING THE BRIDGE, and IN ONE GO! The development of this challenge is the opportunity to see both sides of this relationship. The bridges can be designed and creatively decorated with the company’s image, prizes may also be awarded for the most creative design, the best “branding”, or the most efficient use of resources. It is not just the creation of a section of a bridge, “MAKE THE BRIDGE(S)” includes making the connections established by the employees, building it according to your customer’s expectations, overcoming difficulties with limited resources, failures in communication and time constraints, while complying with all the deadlines and ensuring that each piece fits. The bridge must be big, strong, and stable enough to allow for a remotely controlled vehicle to cross over it in complete safety.

Jangada (traditional fishing boat used in Brazil)

Do you want to boost confidence as well as stimulate creativity, innovation, and time management in your team? In this program, you will be able to train these skills in the elements of your company, in addition to team spirit. The challenge is for the teams to exceed the capacity of marine engineers and go beyond the construction of the largest and best boats ever. The materials are made available, and the employees must use them wisely, taking into consideration all the mishaps that are coming! Let imagination roam free! This competitive event has a common goal, which is the direction to go in, as everyone needs to row in pursuit of the same goal. The proof of a job well done is shown in water, where teams compete in a race or work together to find a treasure.

Catapult Your Idea

This problem-solving activity inspires each team to work together toward a common goal – get the idea off the ground, literally. The catapult requires a blend of negotiation between teams, brainstorming, prototyping, testing, and improvement. We provide all the building materials needed, along with two hilarious competitions. The first is the distance launch, followed by a segment of more precise distance launches, which involves the capture of several unlikely objects. Themes such as “continuous improvement” and “improve the dynamics of the team” can be explored. So, we say that catapulting your idea towards success is a great exercise in problem solving to improve cooperation, strategy, decision-making, and the dynamics of your team.

3D Pyramid

In ancient Egypt, a pyramid was much more than a building; It was a symbol of man’s ability to overcome difficulties and create a magnificent structure that would withstand the test of time. The recreation of one of the strongest and most impressive structures in history requires the ability to work in team and monumental project management. In addition to the construction part, the teams develop the ability to solve problems and express themselves in unique and creative ways. At the beginning, participants believe they are competing to create small pyramids, however, during the activity, the teams realize that by working together they can create something really impressive and long-lasting. Understanding the ultimate goal only makes the division of the task easier; but actually doing it perfectly requires strong leadership, resource management, coordination, and excellent communication – all the characteristics of a good leader and manager.

Crazy Race

A concept of karting where the engine is made of the muscles of all the members of our great team, which is always aligned, from the boxes to the finish line. The race begins even before we turn on our engines, where competition is set in motion with a set of mental and physical challenges to get the greatest number of components for the construction of our amazing machines, which can look like a “Go-kart”,”4WD SUV”, “Buses”, among other possibilities of vehicles.

When the Grand Prix starts, everyone will do their best to make sure that their team and their bolide are the big winners on the day by passing the chequered flag first.

New Circus

Let your imagination fly, become a child again, and come explore the various circus arts. Guided by specialized professionals, here the audience goes from spectator to the main star of our show.

Get ready acrobats, jugglers, magicians, and of course… the clowns! Ladies and gentlemen, the Imperial Circus show is about to start!

Mo Goes to Hollywood

Action! Live the experience of shooting, directing, and editing a short movie about your company. Get in role, memorize your lines, or not …. Prepare the stage, pay attention to the clapperboard! The movie, the news, the sketch will start, and the plot is up to you! Time is short, so teamwork, strategy and effective implementation of roles and tasks are critical for the movie’s success. After the break, it’s time for the “red carpet” with the FANTASTIC PREMIERE of the masterpiece and the Oscar awards.

Got Talent

The show is about to begin! Discover the artist in you and release your hidden talents in this activity which aims to develop your employees’ creativity through interpretation and performance. A program where creativity and improvisation are constantly being explored. Relaxation is essential for your employees, guided by a specialist, to make up the choreography. By performing tasks that are outside their routine, while having fun, they relax and act as an activation engine of team spirit. This has a double result. People learn how to both get to know each other and begin to see others in the team in a different light, developing an appreciation for their unique talents.


The best way to see the city of Porto. Follow a personalized storyline, discover the most curious and typical areas of the city with a digital guide. Puzzles, team games, surprise tests, and many other challenges to be overcome in this stunning award-winning city. Nortada In Porto, discover Porto in a new light. Get on board the traditional tram, take a selfie on Arrábida bridge, and discover the unexpected nooks and crannies as well as the charms of the city, on foot, by tuk tuk, or by e-bike. Are you ready for this adventure?

Enjoy a lovely cultural walk through the idiosyncratic narrow streets and lively landscape of the city that harmoniously combines the old town and the modern part.

Gatão Mystery

Part of the Romanesque Route, Quinta de Gatão (a region that was once populated by the Suevi, Celts, Visigoths, and Moors) has secrets that have never been unveiled. The most difficult one to reveal is the famous “Gatão Mystery”. The main suspect, Zé do Telhado, leaves invisible clues about his identity in different points of the estate. Will you be able to collect all the evidence? If you fail in your mission, Zé do Telhado will be able to escape once again…

Prepare your material, find all the pins, participate in the challenges, and find the clues that reveal Zé Telhado’s true identity.

Theme Parties


Mapa Zero has different estates and spaces where you can hold your event, excellent services, a specialized and dedicated team at your service. We have all the structures and solutions to help you with all kinds of events and make your ideas and dreams come true: Company Anniversary | Company Day | Sunset Party | Meetings | Conferences | Galas | Lectures | Indoor or Outdoor Training | Team-building activities, product launches, or photo shoots. And much more! Take your business event to another level!

Talk to us.


Knowledge never takes up space. A different and creative way to get your team together and increase the knowledge necessary for an on-going update to reach the desired growth.

Cinema | Theatre | Cooking | Surfing | Cocktails | Wines | Screen Printing | and much more.

Arraial (traditional regional festivity)

Your team is in the centre of a real “Arraial”, from the decoration to music, dancing, and the menu. In this experience, the participants will enjoy a true “Arraial” for Popular Saints, but to do so, they will have to test various skills. Several challenges await them… Will they be able to overcome them? Your organization in a mega Arraial, where, in addition to the booths and typical food, you can also compete in tug of war games, canasta, sack races, among many other traditional games. Enjoy using your imagination in the art booths, have fun with our Bailarico (a traditional popular party) and keep the memory of this event alive with the photobooth. Welcome! Get your employees and their families together in an event that no one will ever forget!

Gala Dinners

Would you like to organize a memorable gala dinner for your team? Are you interested in celebrating a great event or what makes your organization special, but you don’t know how? Get ready for a Gala Dinner in the most charming spaces in the country, where the doors open to receive you all as if in the comfort of your own home. Our dinner is not complete until you can get your employees to participate in the party! Do not miss this opportunity to shine on a night full of emotions and find out what we have prepared for your team!

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